Virgil Clark '50 Distinguished Service Award


The Alumni Association’s Virgil Clark '50 Distinguished Service Award is one of the most prestigious offered by the university. It recognizes uncommon and outstanding service to the Alumni Association and/or the university as a whole. Recipients should also adhere to standards of moral and ethical conduct that would cause the University to be proud to present the recipients as role models for students and other alumni. The definition of service will be left to the discretion of the Awards Committee of the Alumni Association.


The award is designed to recognize alumni, who are defined as those persons who have attended East Carolina University for a minimum of two consecutive semesters in pursuit of a degree. Those persons who have been inducted into the Association as Honorary Alumni may also be eligible. Trustees serving current terms, Alumni Association Board of Directors and their spouses, or current ECU employees are not eligible. Recipients may not receive the award a second time within a ten-year period. Receiving this award does not prohibit one from receiving any other alumni award if the recipient is so selected.

A maximum of two (2) awards may be given each year. If there are unusual circumstances to suggest an additional award, the Awards Committee may vote to do so.

The nomination form is designed to collect only the most basic information about the nominee. In order for a nomination to be considered, the form must be completely filled out and accompanied by two letters of recommendation which address:
  • outstanding contributions, services, etc., to East Carolina University;
  • honors, awards, etc. received for service to East Carolina University;
  • summary narrative regarding their service to East Carolina University.
Other supporting information may be documented in any of the following ways:
  • resume or professional vita;
  • articles by or about the nominee;
  • any other documents deemed appropriate.
Supporting documentation should be in an easily-reproducible form:
  • All materials should be typed on letter (8.5 x 11) or legal (8.5 x 14) size pages.
  • All materials should be on white or other light-colored paper to facilitate photocopying.

Past Award Recipients






Dean Greene
Troy W. Pate, Jr.
Baxter R. Ridenhour


No Award Given


Elizabeth S. Bennett
Ashley B. Futrell
Richard C. Todd



Henry Hinton
Beth Ward 


James A. Johnson
John F. Minges
Ed N. Warren


John P. Hudson 
LeRoy T. Walker


Virgil S. Clark
C. Ralph Kinsey
W. Riley Roberson III


Bob Maynard 
Harry "Pete" Murphy


I. Jackson Edwards, Jr.
Donald T. Hatch
John C. Lennon, Jr.


Michael L. Bunting
Franklin D. Byrd, III
Frank Ceruzzi 


John M. Howell
Gladys D. Howell


Betty S. Speir 


Thomas A. Bennett
Eugene B. Horne, Jr.
Ovid W. Pierce (posthumous)


Col. Ellis F. Hall, Jr.
Charles C. Martin, Jr.
William D. Mills, Sr.


Eddie Pascal Draughon
Barbara B. Forester
James A. Hicks


Phillip Dixon
Linda Lynn Tripp


David H. Englert
Lyda Teer Mihalyi
Frank M. Wooten, Jr.


Dan Kinlaw


John C. Anema, Jr.
William G. Flowers
Burney R. Rivenbark


Steve Showfety


Everette L. Daniel, Jr.
James A. Walker
Margaret C. Ward


Dale Engelbert
Julia "Jewelle" Rogers


Jack S. Everton
Marguerite A. Perry
Shirley B. Slaughter

Layton Getsinger
Dr. J. Reid Parrott Jr. '60, '62


Lisa F. Daniel (Benton)
James R. Talton, Jr.

Sen. Robert B. Morgan '47
William K. "Kel" Normann '85
Herbert L. Carter
Nancy Grayiel
Nathan R. Weavil
Sabrina DeFonce Bengel
Kay Haskell Chalk '76
Robert S. Rippy '75, '96
1996  Frank E. Grayiel, III
Yvonne D. Pearce
Walter L. Williams
2013 Bill P. Furr '65
Mary E. Plybon '71
1997  Lois G. Britt
J. Craig Souza
Shelby Strother
2014 Angela Allen '81
Carl W. Davis Jr. '73
1998 William B. Langley
Tom Mallison
Ray Rogers 
2015 Beverly Cox '67
Max Ray Joyner Sr. '55 and Catherine "Kitty" Joyner '59

"My wife and I both graduated from ECU and we are both lifetime members of the Alumni Association. We've always had a devotion to East Carolina, and because we gained so much from our education, we think lifetime membership is a great way to give back to the University. I would recommend lifetime membership to anyone who went to East Carolina. There are many wonderful benefits, and it's very special."

Jerry '65 and Joanie '65 Tolley

"I am a member of the alumni association because it provides an opportunity for me to connect to the university, renew relationships through alumni events, and help attract potential students to ECU. As an active member of the alumni association, I have the chance to serve as an advocate for the university through volunteerism. Being a member along with my son as a fellow Pirate demonstrates commitment and builds a legacy within our family."

Linda Thomas '81

"I am a member because ECU is my second home. Staying connected not only allows me to give back to the university but also inspire the next generation of pirates."

Tim Willis '12

"I am a member of the Alumni Association because I want everyone to know what East Carolina means to me and how much pride and love I have for ECU. Being a member means the world to me, and is the one way that I can give back and stay connected to the place that gave me the best years of my life."

Jeremy Woodard '01

"I am a member of the alumni association because I appreciate how well ECU prepared me for my business career. I enjoy contributing to the alumni association's efforts to provide scholarships for some of our best and brightest students. The Alumni Association does a great job of providing ways for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater and I hope when they do they enjoy it as much as I do. I believe in what ECU stands for and my membership helps me feel a part of the great things ECU is accomplishing!"

Wes Johnson '85