Faculty Awards

The University Alumni Awards for Outstanding Teaching are sponsored by the East Carolina Alumni Association and administered through the Academic Awards Committee of the Faculty Senate. Procedures for how the Awards are determined can be found here.

Past Recipients:

    Robert L. Jones '58 Award for Teaching Excellence
  University Alumni Awards for Outstanding Teaching
2016   Dr. Laura Levi-Altstaedter
  Dr. Cody Chullen
Dr. Sandra Lookabaugh
2015   Dr. Kris Kirschbaum   Dr. Christine Kowalczyk
Dr. David Loy 
2014   Dr. Anne Bunnell    Dr. Eboni Baugh
Dr. John F. Kros
2013   Dr. Christy Ashley   Dr. Elizabeth Fogarty
Dr. Sharilyn Steadman

2012   Dr. Alan C. Taylor   Patricia "Patch" A. Clark
Dr. Subodh K. Dutta
  Dr. Ravi Paul
  Dr. Ann F. Borisoff
Dr. Deborah M. Thomson
  Michael Harris
  Kindal Shores
Wendy Whisner

  Dr. Shanan Gwaltney Gibson
  Dr. Lisa M. Clough
Dr. Todd A. Fraley
  Fred Schadler
  Heather Vance-Chalcraft
John Howard
  Ken MacLeod

  Lauren Prividera
Karen Vail-Smith
2006   Dr. Paul J. Schenarts
  Daniel Bara
  Derek Alderman
  Sharon Haley
  Dan Schisler
2001    Jeannie Golden
  Randy Parker
1999   Dr. Robin Webb-Corbett
  Dr. Boni Boswell
  Dr. Michael Carrafiello
  Dr. Reid Claxton
  Linda Darty
  Dr. Johnathan B. Bascom
  Dr. Brenda L. Killingsworth
  Dr. Marjorie L. Baldwin
  Dr. Margaret M. Capen
  Dr. Carl C. Adler
  Dr. Gerhard W. Kalmus
  Dr. Tinsley E. Yarbrough

"My wife and I both graduated from ECU and we are both lifetime members of the Alumni Association. We've always had a devotion to East Carolina, and because we gained so much from our education, we think lifetime membership is a great way to give back to the University. I would recommend lifetime membership to anyone who went to East Carolina. There are many wonderful benefits, and it's very special."

Jerry '65 and Joanie '65 Tolley

"I am a member of the alumni association because it provides an opportunity for me to connect to the university, renew relationships through alumni events, and help attract potential students to ECU. As an active member of the alumni association, I have the chance to serve as an advocate for the university through volunteerism. Being a member along with my son as a fellow Pirate demonstrates commitment and builds a legacy within our family."

Linda Thomas '81

"I am a member because ECU is my second home. Staying connected not only allows me to give back to the university but also inspire the next generation of pirates."

Tim Willis '12

"I am a member of the Alumni Association because I want everyone to know what East Carolina means to me and how much pride and love I have for ECU. Being a member means the world to me, and is the one way that I can give back and stay connected to the place that gave me the best years of my life."

Jeremy Woodard '01

"I am a member of the alumni association because I appreciate how well ECU prepared me for my business career. I enjoy contributing to the alumni association's efforts to provide scholarships for some of our best and brightest students. The Alumni Association does a great job of providing ways for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater and I hope when they do they enjoy it as much as I do. I believe in what ECU stands for and my membership helps me feel a part of the great things ECU is accomplishing!"

Wes Johnson '85