Board of Directors


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Executive Committee

Glenda Moultrie '79
Derwood, MD

John Israel '82
Vice Chair
Norfolk, VA

Oliver “Tim” Willis ’12
Durham, NC

Mark Garner '77
Greenville, NC

Neal Crawford '85
Immediate Past Chair
Norfolk, VA


Michael Aho '02
McLean, VA

Sheridan Barnes '86
Micro, NC 

Jim Dill '79
Richmond, VA

Neil Dorsey '65, '66
Winterville, NC

Ralph Finch '67
Midlothian, VA

Jeff Foster '83
Winterville, NC

Keith Frazier '94
Raleigh, NC

Robin Good '80
Katy, TX

Duane Grooms '80, '82
Columbia, SC

James Hammond '66
Poughkeepsie, NY

Kathy Herring '90, '95
Greenville, NC

Ron C. Hinton III '14
Raleigh, NC

Melanie Holden '79
Raleigh, NC

Phil Houston '77
Greenville, NC

Wesley Johnson '85
Powder Springs, GA

Angela Moss '97, '98
Raleigh, NC

Tyna Sloate '90
New York, NY

Dan Spuller '06, '07
Raleigh, NC

Lynnette Taylor '97
Winterville, NC

Linda Thompson Thomas '81
Charlotte, NC

Jason Tomasula '00, '03, '10
Wake Forest, NC

Past Chairs

Ms. Lillie Tucker   1912
Ms. Nell Pender   1912-1914
Mrs. Edna Campbell   1914-1916
Ms. Estelle Greene   1916-1918
Ms. Luella Stancil   1918-1919
Mrs. Louise Osborne   1919-1921
Ms. Ophelia O'Brian   1921-1922
Ms. Ruth Deans   1922-1923
Dr. Pattie Dowell   1923-1924
Mrs. Emma Bynum   1924-1925
Ms. Ruth Lowder   1925-1927
Ms. Bonnie Howard   1927-1929
Ms. Helen Watson Johnston   1929-1931
Ms. Deanie Hasket   1932
Mrs. Martha Fountain   1933-1934
Mrs. Christine Vick Joyner   1935-1937
Ms. Luella Lancaster Stancil   1938-1939
Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett   1939-1941
Mrs. Alla May Joyner Holland   1941-1943
Mrs. Ruth Garner   1943-1945
Mrs. Augusta Woodward Marcom   1945-1947
Mrs. Ethel Armstrong   1947-1949
Mrs. Mildred Bullard   1949-1951
Mr. Henry Oglesby   1951-1953
Mr. James Whitfield   1953-1955
Mr. Baxter Ridenhour   1955-1957
Mr. Robert Morgan   1958-1959
Mr. Z. W. Frazelle   1959-1961
Mr. Fodie Hodges   1961-1963
Mr. George Willard, Jr.   1963-1965
Mr. Lester Ridenhour, Sr.   1965-1967
Mr. William Eyerman   1967-1969
Mr. Isaac Williamson   1969-1971
Mr. Frank Ceruzzi   1971-1972
Mr. Curtis Hendrix   1972-1974
Mr. Robert Mays   1974-1976
Mr. Max Joyner, Sr.   1976-1978
Mr. Jerry Powell   1978-1980
Mr. Daniel Hannon   1980-1981
Mr. Phillip Dixon   1981-1982
Mr. John Lennon, Jr.   1982-1983
Mr. E. Marvin Slaughter, Jr.   1983-1984
Mr. S. Gerald Arnold   1984-1986
Mr. James Hicks   1986-1988
Mr. Burney Rivenbark   1988-1990
Mrs. Lyda Mihalyi   1990-1992
Mr. David Englert   1992-1994
Mr. Jack Everton   1994-1996
Mrs. Lisa Benton   1996-1998
Mr. Frank Grayiel, III   1998-2000
Mrs. Shelby Strother   2000-2002
Mrs. Margaret Ward   2002-2004
Mr. Layton Getsinger   2004-2006
Mr. Joe Jenkins   2006
Ms. Brenda Myrick
Mrs. Sabrina Bengel
Mr. Ernest Logemann
Mr. Carl W. Davis Jr.   2010-2012
Mr. James Newman Jr.   2012-2013
Mrs. Angela Moss   2013-2014
Mr. Neal Crawford   2014-2015
Mrs. Glenda Moultrie   2015-2016

"My wife and I both graduated from ECU and we are both lifetime members of the Alumni Association. We've always had a devotion to East Carolina, and because we gained so much from our education, we think lifetime membership is a great way to give back to the University. I would recommend lifetime membership to anyone who went to East Carolina. There are many wonderful benefits, and it's very special."

Jerry '65 and Joanie '65 Tolley

"I am a member of the alumni association because it provides an opportunity for me to connect to the university, renew relationships through alumni events, and help attract potential students to ECU. As an active member of the alumni association, I have the chance to serve as an advocate for the university through volunteerism. Being a member along with my son as a fellow Pirate demonstrates commitment and builds a legacy within our family."

Linda Thomas '81

"I am a member because ECU is my second home. Staying connected not only allows me to give back to the university but also inspire the next generation of pirates."

Tim Willis '12

"I am a member of the Alumni Association because I want everyone to know what East Carolina means to me and how much pride and love I have for ECU. Being a member means the world to me, and is the one way that I can give back and stay connected to the place that gave me the best years of my life."

Jeremy Woodard '01

"I am a member of the alumni association because I appreciate how well ECU prepared me for my business career. I enjoy contributing to the alumni association's efforts to provide scholarships for some of our best and brightest students. The Alumni Association does a great job of providing ways for alumni to reconnect with their alma mater and I hope when they do they enjoy it as much as I do. I believe in what ECU stands for and my membership helps me feel a part of the great things ECU is accomplishing!"

Wes Johnson '85