Celebrate the University’s motto Servire, To Serve, by joining the Pirate Nation in Service Month 2013. In April hundreds of alumni and friends lend a helping hand in their communities. Many of our regional leaders will plan service projects for alumni groups, but individuals are welcome to volunteer wherever help is needed.

Past Service Month Events

Upcoming Opportunities to Serve

Don’t know where to begin your service experience? Below are links to assist you in finding volunteer opportunities in your community. Just search by keywords and zip code to discover all the ways you can make a difference.

How do I plan a service event?

1. Get consensus from your group
a. Give your group three or four choices (i.e. working with animals, children, elderly)
b. Agree on a day, time, and duration of service (ex. Saturday, April 6 from 1 to 4 pm)

2. Research organizations and make contact early
a. Speak with the volunteer coordinator and know:
i. number of people volunteering
ii. day, time, and duration
b. See if there is an event/project already planned that you can participate in
c. Ask about restrictions, dress codes, forms to be completed, and expectations/duties to be performed
d. Ensure a staff member will be there to give a brief overview of the organization as well as the benefit of having volunteers complete project or assist with activity/event
e. Find out the deadline to give number of volunteers coming to serve

3. Recruit volunteers
a. Email a concise and fun informational message about the event/project and organization
i. Day, time, location, dress code, expectations/duties to be performed, etc.
b. Post information on Facebook by creating an event
c. Call fellow Pirates and ask them personally to volunteer with you Invite family and friends to participate
d. Invite family and friends to participate
e. Give a deadline to signing up for the event/project
f. Get phone numbers for all volunteers

4. Communicate
a. Send out information a month in advance of the event/project
b. Remind people to sign up two weeks from the event/project day
c. Final reminder with all the important details (see #3) and your cell phone number

5. Enjoy and take photos
a. Capture the fun with a group photo as well as action shots
b. Post photos and quotes from volunteers on Facebook

6. Follow-up
a. Ask volunteers what they liked and did not like about the experience
b. Thank volunteers and host organization at end of the service event/prject
c. Send a thank you email with photos a few days after the event to volunteers and organization
d. Email ECAA (Shawn.Moore@PirateAlumni.com)
i. Event particulars – date, organization, and type of event/project
ii. Photos
iii. Number of participants

If you are interested in hosting an event in your region or would like to share how you already volunteer in your community, please contact Shawn Moore '91, '98 at Shawn.Moore@PirateAlumni.com.

Consider the following activities “to serve” in your area:

Direct Service (Volunteering)
  • Volunteer at a local non-profit organization
    • Serve food at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter
    • Work with patients at a local hospital 
    • Organize programs or visit with retirement community residents or at senior centers
    • Tutor at elementary, middle, or high schools or in afterschool programs
    • Act as a guide at museums, nature centers, and arboretums 
    • Exercise and groom animals living in shelters
    • Deliver meals to homebound individuals
    • Teach your expertise to a local children in a scout group or at an afterschool program (woodworking, automotive care, smart finances, astronomy, wildlife)
    • Work at local fairs and community events
    • Teach someone to read through literacy programs
    • Provide days of beauty for victims of domestic violence 
    • Participate in a “build day” at Habitat for Humanity
    • Give blood or plan a blood drive in your community or place of work
    • Work with children or adults with special needs
    • Assist military support organizations (USO or Morale, Welfare, and Recreation groups)
  • Volunteer to plant flowers at a city building
  • Adopt a highway or street in your community
  • Serve as an EMT or volunteer firefighter 
  • Participate in your neighborhood watch 
  • Teach programs at your local parks and recreation
  • Coach local athletic teams 
Philanthropy (Donations of items and funds)
  • Run or walk in a charity race
  • Adopt:
    • family in need 
    • zoo animal
    • tree in the Amazon
  • Fundraise for a local charity (car wash, pancake breakfast)
  • Donate:
    • school supplies to your local elementary, middle, and high school
    • gently used clothing and toys to a second-hand store
    • food items to your local food bank
    • books to your local library
    • toiletry items to a local shelter
    • cell phones to domestic violence organizations
  • Address issues of hunger, ecology, and economic sustainability by “gifting” flora and fauna to those in need through organizations like Heifer International.
Public Service
  • Hold public office in city, county, or state government
  • Advocate for local or state legislation on issue that have meaning to you
The Alumni Association will gladly assist you in promoting planned service projects to fellow alumni in your area. Be sure to take plenty of photos, and remember to wear purple and gold to promote your Pirate spirit! We’ll put all service project photos on our Web site at PirateAlumni.com. Contact Shawn Moore '91, '98 at 800-ECU-GRAD or Shawn.Moore@PirateAlumni.com to get started!

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