Dear International Alumni,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this academic year’s first issue of the Pirate interNational alumni newsletter!

Although I am a newcomer at ECU’s Office of International Affairs, having arrived on campus on July 1, 2008, my experience in the area of international education is greater than twenty years. My early work at the University of Michigan and more recently at the University of Tennessee has taught me that there is always much to be learned. What I have found at ECU is very good indeed. The wonderful Office of International Affairs staff and the university’s faculty are dedicated and eager to expand ECU’s role in international activities. More importantly, at every level, ECU’s administration could not be more supportive or dedicated to the internationalization of our campus and its extended community.

You, as ECU’s illustrious international alumni, are a valuable source of inspiration and ideas in the university’s effort to promote internationalization by establishing ties in your respective countries. I hope to meet each of you personally someday, whether you return for a visit or I have the good fortune of traveling to your country. Until that time, as you reminisce about your experience at ECU, we welcome your thoughts and ideas. You may contact me at

I look forward to chatting with you in future issues of Pirate interNational.

James Gehlhar, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for International Affairs

International Student Orientation Fall 2008

The influx of international students from all parts of the globe brings renewed excitement and interest to the Office of International Affairs and its staff each year. This year was no exception. A record total of more than 90 new international students have enrolled consisting of undergraduate degree-seeking students, graduate students, and exchange students. The enthusiasm of the new students with their various languages and cultures, each motivated to adapt to new surroundings, was exceeded only by the sometimes mundane efforts at moving into housing or shopping for the first time at Wal-Mart. Interject a few luncheons and “get acquainted” events and you have the beginnings of a crucial time for students who have made a series of important and sometimes difficult decisions to leave their home countries to come to East Carolina University to study.  It is a culmination of effort whose value is imbedded in the diversity of cultural, educational, and personal satisfaction that it brings to the students, our institution, and society. We are proud of the international program at ECU and strive to continue its success.

Included below are a two photos that capture the experience.

Monika Wojciechowski responds to questions from new international students.

New students and Interim Provost Marilyn Sheerer get acquainted during the International Student Barbecue.

Campus News

Latino community meets at ECU

East Carolina welcomes students, faculty
International Student Recruitment

More than 50% of international students in the United States come from Asia. Countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan continue to be leaders in the number of students they send to study abroad. Therefore, I will be returning to East and Southeast Asia in early October with hopes of attracting more students to ECU. My detailed recruitment schedule is as follows:

Hong Kong, SAR
October 10-12
IIE Fair: Saturday, October 11

Shanghai, China
October 13-14
IIE Fair: Monday, October 13

Beijing, China
October 15-16
IIE Fair: Wednesday, October 15

Seoul, South Korea
October 17-18
University Fair: Friday, October 17

Tokyo, Japan
October 19-20
IIE Fair: Sunday, October 19

As an ECU graduate, you are a valuable source of information for new applicants coming from your home country. If you are interested in assisting me at any of the above-mentioned recruitment fairs, please contact me via e-mail at

As a reminder, for those of you who are interested in obtaining a lifetime ECU alumni e-mail address, visit the East Carolina Alumni Association's web site at

Monika Wojciechowski
Assistant Director for International Student Recruitment